Alfred Extension: Airplay via Beamer

This simple Alfred extension is primarily meant to be used as a file action. It uses Beamer to play the given file over AirPlay (for example to an Apple TV).

Download: AirPlay-via-Beamer.alfredextension

Airplay via Beamer screencast

(Obviously having Beamer is a prerequisite for this extension)

Alfred extensions breakdown

Alfred Extensions


  • AirPlay via Beamer

    • I mostly use this as a file action to select movies to send to my Apple TV via
  • Extension Updater

    • Automatically update compatible extensions
  • Flush DNS

    • Flush the OS X DNS cache
  • URL ShortenerURL shortener for GitHub

  • Open in…

    • Firefox
    • Opera
    • Safari
    • open the given URL in the selected browser
  • Repair LaunchServices

    • Repair LaunchServices (to remove duplicates from the Open With… menu
  • Send to iPhone

    • Send the given URL, text, or file to my iPhone via myPhoneDesktop
  • Toggle Tunlr

    • Set/unset the Tunlr DNS servers


  • Toggle Amerika/Britannia
    • Toggle my VPNs on or off

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