In no particular order and not particularly well organised.

iOS 16

  • A more comprehensive Map component in SwiftUI (support clustering, custom layers and so forth)
  • A way to persist list expansion state for deeply nested Swift UI lists
  • TranslationKit (allow apps to use Apple’s translation service instead of needing to send users to Google Translate)
  • Better picture and video quality in shared albums (currently limited to 2048px on the long edge and 720p, respectively)
  • Fix the autocorrect mess
  • Walking instructions in public transportation navigation. In other words, give me turn-by-turn instructions if I need to walk from the last stop to my destination.

macOS 13

  • Native collapsing of menu bar items in macOS (please Sherlock Bartender)


  • Code autoformat for Swift & Objective-C (in the vein of gofmt or prettier)
  • More reliable SwiftUI previews


  • A Music app that isn’t terrible (both on iOS and macOS)
  • A redesigned Home app
  • Having an Apple Watch shouldn’t block iOS app builds if they don’t have a watchOS build target (“Preparing the watch for development”)