Beer Styles 2 has been available in the App Store for a few days now. Beer Styles 2 is a big update and has several swell improvements, especially for iOS 9 devices.

BJCP 2015 and 2008 guidelines

2015 and 2008 guideline switcher

Just like the previous version this includes both the 2008 and 2015 guidelines (and quite a few small formatting and typo corrections).

Slide Over and Split View

On iOS 9 you can use Slide Over and Split View on iPads to multitask while browsing style guidelines. Very handy if you’re trying to build a recipe in one app while referring to the style guideline!

Beer Styles in a Split View

Spotlight search integration

Beer Styles now has Spotlight integration so you can search for style guidelines without having to first launch the app. Just swipe down on the home screen…

Beer Styles Spotlight search

Nicer sharing

Sharing individual styles is now nicer because your friends can now see the same view as you do, even if they don’t have Beer Styles installed or if they don’t even have an iOS device.

Beer Styles on the web

Still free

There’s still one thing that hasn’t changed: Beer Styles is still completely free!

Download on the App Store

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Oh, and if you like using Beer Styles, a review on the App Store would be highly appreciated…