Beer Styles on the iPhone and iPad

I’m happy to announce that my first iOS app, Beer Styles, is now available on the App Store.

The app might not be very useful if you’re not into homebrewing, or at least into beer. Beer Styles wraps up the 2008 BJCP Style Guidelines in a pleasing interface on the iPhone and iPad.


  • Charts for OG, FG, IBUs, SRM, and ABV
  • A visual representation of SRM colours
  • Print the guidelines for individual styles
  • Share style guidelines (with links to the official BJCP website)

Beer Styles is a native app built for iOS 8 with Swift. Due to a combination of arcane technical reasons and laziness on my part, iOS 8 is required.

I built Beer Styles to scratch my own itch, but hopefully a few other people will find it useful too…

Beer Styles on the App Store